Bamboo is one of the most regenerative construction materials on the planet. Plant and bamboo seedling today and in 8 - 10 years you will have a continuous supply of poles for generations to come. Once a bamboo clump is established it poles shoot out of the ground and grow to full height in as little as three months. After 3-4 years a bamboo pole is strong enough to be used in construction. If a bamboo clump is cared for correctly, harvesting mature poles increased the health and productivity of the clump. By building with bamboo we have the opportunity to create buildings that store carbon, promote ecological land stewardship, and empower rural communities.

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Before we look at preserving our bamboo to become a durrable construction material we much ensure that the poles use are mature enough to be used in constrution. It takes 3-4 years for a bamboo shoot to grow strong enough to be used in a building. Our bamboo is carefully selected from the river valleys and mountains of Bali and East Java in Indonesia. Bamboo Pure takes great care to ensure that only the mature poles are harvested, creating an incentive for bamboo farmers to allow the younger shoots to grow to maturity for subsequent years’ harvests.


Bamboo Treatment

In the past, bamboo buildings were susceptible to termites and powder post beetle infestations that would eat the bamboo to dust. This makes it impossible to build a durrable bamboo building.
Our bamboo is treated in a environmentally friendly borax based solution. This renders the starches in the bamboo indigestible to insects. Although toxic to wood boring insects this solution has an exteamly low toxicity for mamals and is safe to handle. It also presents to health risks once placed in a building. Our solution is reused in a closed-loop system ensuring minimal impact on the immediate enviroment. We test our treatment solution and our poles at a labratory with international standards on a regular basis to ensure they all meet minimum treatment standards.


Storage & Construction

Treated poles are then cleaned and stored in our dedicated warehouse ready to be used for construiton. Although bamboo is a durrable construction material once treated it still must be protected from heavy expousre to sunline and moisture which will degrate the poles if left exposed for more than a few months. We work hard to ensrue that all the poles we deliver are of the highest quality and have not been damaged by the elements before they are installed in their ultimate destination by our skilled team of construction workers and craftspeople.



Are you interested in purchasing bamboo? Reach out to us via this page. We look forward to getting to know you, hearing about your bamboo dreams, and helping to make them a reality.

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