Ananda House

  • Height : 11 mtr
  • Floor size : 260,98 sqm
  • Structural Typology : Post and beam
  • Location : Sibang, Bali, Indonesia
  • Client : Private Owner
  • Building : Residential

Ananda is a word in Bali which means “pure joy,” and is the perfect name for this beautiful three bedroom house. The site for this house is a large piece of terraced land which dances its way from the path at the top of a ridge downward into a valley toward the Ayung River at Green Village. The house is composed of three separate structures, similar in character, but each with their own design identity. The main building is four stories tall and holds a garden with a swinging chair at the bottom of the house, below the gorgeous black petung bamboo structure, the fully enclosed and air-conditioned master bedroom on the ground floor with full 180 degree views and a balcony directly over the crystal blue swimming pool, a massage room and study on the second floor complete with frameless glass windows, and a crows nest lookout point at the top floor, just big enough for two to three people to sit or stand, have a coffee and enjoy the view. 

The second building features a white petung bamboo structure and holds two bedrooms. This building is similar to the guest house triplets built later at Green Village for Aura, Echo, and Eclipse. This building is a leaf-shaped structure with a matching roof, set on slanted columns, leaning into the river valley, out of the earth behind it. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and balcony, each suite taking up its own floor.

The third building is the lowest one on the site, an open air structure with a beautiful dining table and large open kitchen. Custom sliced boulder countertops and beautiful bamboo shelving storage adorns the kitchen. Sliced river stone is used to create the floor for the kitchen, and transitions into an ulin wood deck which extends around the swimming pool and extends out to the edge of the land, overlooking the breathtaking view to the Ayung River far below.

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