Millennium Bridge at Green School

  • Height : 15.5 mtr
  • Floor size : 60 sqm
  • Structural Typology : Beam
  • Location : Sibang, Bali, Indonesia
  • Client : Green School
  • Building : Campus

The Millennium Bridge is one of the most notable structures that Bamboo Pure has built. It is a striking structure originally conceived by Jorg Stamm and John Hardy and made for Green School Bali.
This bridge is a very important milestone in the Bamboo Pure story, and in the bamboo architecture story around the world. It is currently the largest bamboo bridge in Asia, spanning an unbelievable 23 meters, and was the first tangible example of what can be accomplished with bamboo when architects, engineers, designers, and craftsmen come together. At the time it was constructed, it was a daring effort to make, but well worth any challenge it presented as it still stands today as an inspiring example of the potential that humanity has for a sustainable, beautiful future and how bamboo may feature in that future.

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