Peter Pondok at Green Village

  • Height : 7 mtr
  • Floor size : -
  • Structural Typology : Post and beam
  • Location : Sibang, Bali, Indonesia
  • Client : Green Village
  • Building : Hospitality

The Pondok at Green Village is one of the earlier experiments that Bamboo Pure has conducted. It was designed to be built in pieces and assembled on site easily. The pieces were constructed at the Bamboo Pure factory and reassembled on site at Green Village. Some adjustments were made to ensure that the room was properly sealed, and the result is a lovely one room structure perfect for a couple guests needing a small shelter in hypothetically any location. A small membrane-roofed tunnel hallway joins the main pondok to a smaller version of itself which holds an enclosed bathroom. The whole building is perfect in size, just big enough for a getaway place to stay.

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