River Warung at Bambu Indah

  • Height : 7 mtr
  • Floor size : -
  • Structural Typology : Gridshell
  • Location : Baung, Bali, Indonesia
  • Client : Bambu Indah
  • Building : Restaurant

The riverside pools at Bambu Indah are considered a must-see experience while in Ubud. The natural spring-fed pools are the perfect temperature year round and allow for a perfectly immersed experience in nature with the full benefits of being within a luxury resort. Among those benefits is the nearby River Warung, offering food and drinks for guests and visitors.

The River Warung was set to be adjacent to the riverside pools at the bottom of a steep ridge. A solid-walled room was set into the earth and clad in stone and moss on the outside. The open-air kitchen and dining room sat on top of this solid storage room. The idea was a simple undulating shape, held up with arches and with open views to the pools and the river. Jorg Stamm on one of his visits to Bali shared an idea of arches made from bamboo splits, also known as a split gridshell structure. The River Warung became the first split gridshell-structured building that we built. Given that it is a small building, and utilized a simple shape, we were comfortable with the experimentation in its construction and pleased with the successful result.

The River Warung validated our ability to continue building with this type of structural system and paved the way to larger buildings to come later such as the award-winning Riverbend House and the highly decorated Arc at Green School.

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