Sumba Hospitality Foundation

  • Height : -
  • Floor size : -
  • Structural Typology : Mixed

In 2015 Ibuku was commissioned to design a very special project located in Sumba, in eastern Indonesia. Sumba is one of the most disadvantaged places in Indonesia. Inge from the Sumba Hospitality Foundation inquired to Ibuku with her vision for a way to help the island: building a hospitality school for local students in Sumba Barat Daya.

This school was the first project that Bamboo Pure built outside of Bali, and was logistically difficult to complete, but well worth the efforts for the impact that the foundation has on the previously disadvantaged region. It includes over 20 buildings in total, with different structural systems and uses amongst them. Some are one-room lodges called pondoks, built for students or instructors to have a place to stay, while some are large assembly halls for lectures and workshops. 

Today, eco-tourism has a stronghold on the tourism industry, and we are seeing a huge shift overall amongst resorts, cruise lines, and restaurants toward sustainable hospitality. However in 2015, when this project began, this was a daring idea. The school is encouraging conscientious tourism while showcasing the potential of bamboo as one of the existing natural resources of Sumba. We believe this bamboo campus has led students to question and realize that advancement/development does not have to mean stock standard stereotype concrete buildings. Bamboo and other traditional materials are future-proof.

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