Sundy Praia Beach Resort Restaurant Sao Tome and Principe Africa

  • Height : 7.6 mtr
  • Floor size : 175 m2
  • Structural Typology : Arches
  • Location : Sao Tome and Principe Africa
  • Client : Private owner
  • Building : Restaurant

The Sundy Praia Beach Restaurant is one of our international projects, constructed on Principe Island in Africa. The restaurant was designed to be something very special and unique, a truly unmatched experience offered at the resort. It is a single bamboo structure building that stands alone in the jungle, separated from the villa complex, meaning this bamboo building blends well with the surrounding environment. It has a unique shaped building with an A-frame repetition system with diminishing size towards the back, creating for an interesting interior restaurant view.

To achieve this, we worked with the French Project Architect to Bamboo Pure to solve construction detailing, pre-fabrication, and shipping logistics. Bamboo Pure sent treated bamboo materials and a team of skilled craftspeople to the island to build the restaurant, where it was constructed in place. Many parts were pre-built in Bali and shipped ahead of time to be assembled onsite once our team landed. Upon the building’s completion, the team returned home to Bali.

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