Turtle Classroom at Green School

  • Complete in : 2012
  • Designed by : IBUKU
  • Engineering by : Ashar Saputra
  • Height : -
  • Floor size : 140 sqm
  • Structural Typology : Arches
  • Location : Sibang, Abiansemal, Bali, Indonesia
  • Client : Green School

The Turtle Classroom at Green School Bali is a small one room structure, a twin structure to the music classroom. The edges of the roof curve up and down, rippling around the space within. The structure of the building is a series of arches and radial loops, curved using the rebreb technique and bound together with bamboo rope. The various members are pinned or bolted together to create rigidity in the structure and enclosed with a beautifully curving roof. The center of the roof features a fabric skylight to offer natural light into the space during the day and to allow hot air to escape from the top of the inside space.

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