Upper School Drama Space of Green School

  • Complete in : 2019
  • Designed by : IBUKU
  • Engineering by : -
  • Height : -
  • Floor size : 53.4 m2
  • Structural Typology : Arches
  • Location : Sibang, Bali, Indonesia
  • Client : Green School
  • Building : Campus

This building was built for the students of Green School Bali, to use as a multifunctioning area for drama practice and skits. The space features a simple structure which supports three curving roof surfaces, covered in “alang alang” grass thatching. The roof comes down low, to prevent a silhouette effect from occuring in the gaze of an audience member toward a performer. One skylight at the top of the building’s roof provides a soft indirect light for the interior space which is arranged like a black box theater, an increasingly popular type of venue for live performances. The room can be arranged in any way necessary, with terraced bench seating surrounding the performance floor.

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