Visitor Center Bamboo Pure Workshop

  • Complete in : 2018
  • Designed by : IBUKU
  • Engineering by : -
  • Height : -
  • Floor size : -
  • Structural Typology : Post and beam
  • Location : Sibang, Bali, Indonesia
  • Client : -
  • Building : Common area

The visitors center at the Bamboo Pure workshop marks a significant progression in our journey of experimentation and discovery, since it is the first structure we made with a membrane roof. Membrane roofs are great for lightweight structures that need to be built quickly or need to be transportable. This structure works similarly to the wings of a bat; a bat’s bones are incredibly thin but are supported in place by the skin of their wings, while in this structure very thin bamboo poles are held in place by the tensioned membrane roof. The result is a lightweight simple structure that lets in diffused light and uses minimal materials to achieve a larger space.

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