South Quay at Discovery Shop

  • Complete in : 2021
  • Designed by : IBUKU
  • Engineering by : -
  • Height : -
  • Floor size : -
  • Structural Typology : -

The flowers at South Quay were designed as giant interior design elements for the Discovery Shopping mall in Kuta, Bali. The clients for this project were engaging in a major renovation of the mall and wished to pull some natural bamboo elements into a large open space with fourteen-meter tall ceilings. The flowers were designed to be six meters in diameter and reach over three meters tall, a scale to properly hold the presence they need in such a large space.

Due to the size of the flowers, they were designed to be made in pieces. The frangipani flower, native to Bali, was used as the design reference, with its overlapping petals as our prefabricated pieces. In this way, we were able to construct five identical petals in our workshop which could stack together, be shipped to the site, and be easily reconstructed in place. For the weavings within the petal structures, we collaborated with resident bamboo sculptor, Nano Uhero, an incredible artist and bamboo leader in his own right. Together, we completed the petals and sent them to the site. They are lightweight and flexible, to allow for resilience under the high seaside winds and for the ease of their installation.

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